Orecchiella is a natural reserve. It is a protected area with  
forests of beech, chestnut and pine with animals like wolves,  
bears, foxes, hawks and many more. Here you can find tourist  
facilities and also educational services.  The visitors center is  
the main building of the area, where you can also find the  
naturalistic museum and the raptors museum. There is also a  
botanical garden with educational signs.
Parco dell'Orecchiella
The museum is one of the most important collection of rural  
traditions in middle Italy. We must be grateful to Don Luigi  
Pellegrini for his great job in collecting things and tools and  
everything from the past to keep the memory of life in 19th and  
20th century. In the museum you can find examples of rooms  
and labs as they should be centuries ago.
Museo San Pellegrino
Adventure and fun park in the middle of trees, it offers 8  
different tracks for children and adults. Everybody is  
informed and trained by experts before approaching  
tracks and is equipped with any special safety equipment.
Selva del Buffardello
Garfagnana is a land rich in environmental treasures. One of  
theese is surely the Grotta del vento, a system of caves inside  
the Pania Secca with monumental complexes of stalactites and  
internal lakes where men have made some guided trails for  
tourists enjoyment.
Grotta del vento